Underground Blues

Published on September 23 2020

The new collection of Amsterdams Blauw looks back and draws inspiration from two master painters of history, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Both forged new genres and brought art to the masses. Our collection story is a reimagination of their two world’s colliding…

“This collection is born from a vintage store find. A pair of old paint splattered shoes, with inside the note: ‘for Andy’. The shoes were Pablo Picasso’s. He had intended to gift them to artistic like-minded Andy Warhol.”
Marlous van Engelen, Creative Director.

Ams Blauw Classics

“Iconic denim-minded pieces ranging from the perfect classic denim and matching jacket to the ideal chino and a well-crafted Breton”

Bandana Art
“Hand crafted Amsterdams Blauw bandana design. Deconstructed bandana art is our homage to Pablo Picasso, who always wore one.”

City Refined

” The Parisian inspiration inspires a feminine city aesthetic. Look out for pinstripes in different executions, corduroy, drapey fabrics and elegantly tailored silhouettes.”

Workwear Utility Masterclash
“We tap into the cargo-utility trend and come with special seasonal branding and labeling. These garments are perfect partners to play with different looks and styling attitudes.”